Episode 7

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1st Jun 2023

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Ep. #7

In this episode, we examine the impact of Artificial Intelligence and discuss how Christians should think through the worldview issues that come with this new technology. We also discuss what it means to be human, how our relationship with technology has changed over time, and we read AI-generated sermons.

(Please excuse us as we work through audio issues in this episode.)


LINK to the Rev. Stomberg’s article on AI: https://holycommunionri.org/2022/12/02/the-ai-question/


00:00 – Introduction

02:00 – First impressions of AI

07:00 – A definition of AI & neural networks

08:00 – AI Image generators

10:00 – Midjourney won an art competition

12:00 – AI-based assistants

13:00 – Stephen Spielberg’s movie, Artificial Intelligence

15:00 – There is nothing new about human nature

16:30 – The need to think critically about AI

17:30 – Parallels to artificial insemination

18:40 – Similarities to splitting the atom

20:00 – Defending the human person

21:00 – Our tendency to ignore negative consequences

22:00 – We should be sober-minded about technology

23:00 – Utilitarian definitions of humanity

25:00 – The pursuit of immortality

26:30 – Elon Musk’s Nueralink

28:40 – Attacks on the Imago Dei

30:30 – Impact of AI chatbots in schools

33:00 – Chat-GPT

34:00 – Captain Kirk delivers a sermon

35:20 – The worldviews of those behind the chatbots

36:00 – Experimenting with Chat-GPT

39:00 – What we can learn from the Amish

40:30 – We need to reject anything that moves us away from God

42:00 – Using technology to avoid suffering

44:00 – Generational perspectives on new technology

48:30 – Impact of technology on the spread of the Gospel

51:50 – Explaining 21st-Century ministry to St. Paul

54:00 – Sharing the Gospel is not complicated

55:15 – Gen X’s relationship with technology

59:00 – The Internet changed how we receive information

01:03:00 – Living in embodied community

01:08:00 – Problems with outsourcing our knowledge

01:11:00 – When clergy misplace their virtue

01:14:30 – The disassembling & re-assembling of the Church

01:19:00 - Conclusion


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