Episode 8

Published on:

1st Jul 2023

Learning About All Things Orthodoxy, Part 2 | Ep. #8

In this episode, we continue our conversation with Subdeacon Cory Dupont about Orthodoxy. We dive into the economy of salvation, differences between Eastern and Western Christianity, our love for the ESV translation, why Orthodox Easter falls on a different date than Western Easter, the Asbury revival, and our common hope in the Resurrection.



00:00 – The Economy of Salvation

01:30 – The role of St. Augustine in Orthodoxy

03:20 – Orthodox objections to St. Augustine

05:00 – Bishop N.T. Wright’s perspective

06:50 – The Church Fathers didn’t all agree with each other

08:00 – The Fathers are not complete by themselves

08:55 – Why the Orthodox don’t accept the Immaculate Conception

10:00 – Why the ESV is our favorite translation

11:40 – Orthodox views on Atonement

16:10 – Cultural barriers between East and West

19:00 – God’s Mercy and the Jesus Prayer

20:00 – Fasting in the Orthodox life

22:30 – Differences from Evangelicalism

24:30 – God’s Essence & God’s Energies

26:15 – Divisions over metaphysics

29:30 – Relations between Western Protestants and Orthodox

32:10 – The Dogmas of the Church in Orthodoxy

36:45 – The Western Rite and the Anglican Ordinariate

39:40 – Is Orthodoxy a denomination? Does it have

denominations? The structure of Orthodox Churches

46:00 – The nationalistic nature of Orthodox Churches

49:00 – Orthodox socio-political challenges

51:10 – Break

51:40 – Why is Orthodox Easter after Western Easter?

01:00:55 – What we can learn from the Amish

01:03:50 – Reflections on Lent & Easter

01:08:20 – The Asbury Revival

01:13:35 – Hope in the reality of the Resurrection

01:18:20 – Easter is about being alive

01:20:00 – “BC” vs. “BCE”

01:22:00 – Conclusion

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