Episode 16

Published on:

23rd Mar 2024

The Crisis of Modern Masculinity | Ep. #16

In this episode, we examine the breakdown of masculinity in modern society, the tragic consequences of abandoning Biblical manhood, and how Christians can respond in faith and love.



00:00 – Introduction

02:00 – The crisis of masculinity

06:20 – Hyper-masculinity and Andrew Tate

10:00 – Problems with masculinity in the Church

11:30 – Gen Z struggling with masculinity

14:58 – Title IX and the disintegration male roles

18:35 – No distinction between boys and girls

20:00 – Impacts of fatherlessness

22:20 – Fatherlessness is self-perpetuating

24:00 – Popular entertainment and South Park

31:54 – The breakdown of the nuclear family, falling birthrates

36:33 – Anti-masculinity and Harry Styles

40:00 – The false dualism of a man’s “feminine side”

46:00 – The modern feminist assault on gender roles

49:51 – What is “toxic masculinity”?

52:55 – Falling prey to semantic overload

54:40 – Dennis Rodman

56:30 – Gender ideology in public school curricula

01:01:35 – Lowering standards in public education

01:05:30 – Complaining about 9 to 5 jobs on Tik Tok

01:06:42 – Delayed adulthood, “emotional homelessness”

01:12:19 – Feminism has failed our young girls and boys

01:13:14 – Jesus and Saint Joseph as examples of masculinity


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