Episode 13

Published on:

23rd Dec 2023

Israel-Hamas and the Failure of Moral Relativism | Ep. #13

In this episode, we discuss the Israel-Hamas war from a Christian perspective, the dangers of moral relativism, and why all worldviews are not created equal. We also examine Russia-Ukraine, open borders, the need for intellectual honesty, and how the Second Coming of Jesus Christ puts everything into perspective.



00:00 – Introduction

03:00 – There is nothing new under the sun

06:00 – Resisting the temptation to knee-jerk reactions

09:30 – A standard of intellectual honesty

13:30 – American ignorance about Islam

18:00 – Understanding the Israel-Hamas conflict

27:00 – The temptation of moral equivalence

31:30 – The pitfalls of dispensational theology

35:30 – The effects of national moral decay

39:00 – The failures of moral relativism

42:00 – Not all cultures are equal

45:10 – Open borders aren’t loving

47:00 – Borders as applied to the Sacraments

50:00 – The refusal to engage with reality

54:00 – India’s rise as a world power

56:00 – Letting market forces run their course

01:00:40 – World events and eschatology

01:07:30 – Conclusion

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